Here are Twenty Great Reasons why Village Settlements, Inc. should conduct your real estate settlement…

  1. Our attorneys always conduct the settlement.  No title clerks will conduct your settlement.  And our  legendary  candy and snack wall is available at settlement.
  2. David Parker, with 38 years experience,  is a noted  lecturer and author, having co-authored the book, “Real Estate Practice in DC, MD and Va.”
  3. Mark Simon  handles complex settlement transactions, including shopping centers, apartment buildings and large land acquisitions.
  4. Our attorneys have almost 150 years of combined experience.
  5. Complex commercial and residential settlement conducted by our well known  attorneys David Hahn, and Christopher DeLisi.
  6. Settlements also conducted by our  experienced real estate attorneys Michael Hollman and Frank Goldenberg.
  7. 24-Hour Law Line — 301-406-8972. Our attorneys are always available. In fact, we created the original “24-Hour Law Line.” Or go to and click “Ask a Question.”
  8. The Sellers and Agents checks are distributed at the table.  All parties (Buyers and Sellers)  funds will also be wired for no extra fees.
  9. Absolutely NO hidden fees, fine print, or gimmicks. Our services and fees are guaranteed.
  10.  You benefit from closing cost reductions like reissue rates on title insurance.
  11. A free contract review is included in your settlement fee.
  12. You’ll receive a free copy of our book Ask the Lawyer, A Questions and Answer Guide to the Real Estate Transaction. (Download Ask The Lawyer (PDF – File size: 16.1MB) here.)
  13. Our attorneys have guest lectured at  Frederick Community College,  GCAAR and FCAR  Continuing Education, special training sessions and home buying seminars.
  14. We provide draft settlement sheets or Closing Disclosures prior to settlement upon request. Or you can use our Settlement Fee Quote in a Minute on our website.
  15. Title and survey problems solved before settlement.  An attorney reviews every title and survey.  Buyers and Sellers are always welcomed to call with questions.
  16. We will provide translators if needed for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Sign for the hearing impaired.
  17. No extra charge for rush settlements.
  18. You may choose the  specific attorney and processor to handle your settlement, if desired.
  19. Legal services available through our affiliated law firm, Parker, Simon, Hahn & DeLisi, LLC.
  20. Activities for the children during settlement include movies, toys, and coloring books in our exclusive Village Settlement Playroom.