An important notice and offer from Village Settlements, Inc.

These are scary times.  Just when we all felt like the pandemic was under control, things took a turn for the worse.  Many are still concerned about their jobs and how they are going to pay their bills. Every transaction has an unusual twist.  Where will we sign?  When will we sign?  How will I get my money? Will my offer be accepted?  Who is allowed to attend settlement?

So in times like these, when you finally close a deal, a deal that may be your only settlement in a lifetime, you want it to be handled by attorneys with experience in these complex areas of law.  You know our attorneys.   Dave Parker (35 years), Mark Simon (25 years) David Hahn, (23 years) Chris DeLisi (20 years) all bring you over 100 years of experience.  Add Mike Hollman, Kathleen Young, Frank Goldenberg, Annie Litchka and Nick Anselmi and there is another 100 years of practicing law. And that is not counting our staff, some of whom have been processing settlements for more than 30 years. Who are you going to trust to handle what may be your only settlement?

In times like these, many of our competitors are utilizing gimmicks and giveaways to attract your business.  Free iPods, gift cards, televisions and home warranties were being offered as enticements to get you in the door.  Discount settlement fees, no settlement fees and even cash back settlement fees were dangled in front of your face.  And these offers are tempting to everyone. But you must inquire further.  Who will be handling this important and complex transaction?  Is this “freebie” or giveaway really free?  Or am I paying for it somewhere else? Will the settlement attorney be in business next year to handle any post settlement issues?

We understand the temptation.  But we also understand the importance of experienced attorneys handling your settlement.  So we want to give you the best of both worlds.  We will make our best effort to match any pricing offers.  Just bring us the flyer or promotion, a price sheet or an e-mail and we will make every reasonable effort to provide the buyer with a comparable offer.  And then we will give the buyer something else. Over 200 years of legal experience closing complex real estate transactions.

So ask yourself this.  The next time you are at a settlement, what would you rather see sitting at the end of the settlement table?  An iPad or 200 years of legal experience.

David Parker,Esq.

President, Village Settlements, Inc.
Parker, Simon, Hahn & DeLisi, LLC
177 Kentlands Blvd.
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Phone: 301-590-9300
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