Todd Bauer

Todd Bauer is in charge of our Information Technology Department. He supports, maintains, develops, engineers and designs all of our computer and communication technology including all of our hardware and software. Todd is originally from Maryland, and he attended the University of Maryland, prior to moving to Hawaii.

Mr. Bauer finished his education with a BFA in Photography from Hawaii. Being a photographer, Todd felt compelled to move to Lake Tahoe, CA and worked hard at being a ski bum for a season. Somehow developing a sense of responsibility, Todd returned to Maryland and school for Network Engineering. He graduated at the top of his class and earned his MCSE and CNA in 2000.

Todd Bauer has been with Village Settlements since 2002. An avid Mountain bike racer, Todd has participated in numerous long distance charity rides, including the MS150 to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, and the Ride Allegheny which is a 300 mile ride to raise money for soldiers being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.