Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin is part of our post settlement team and as a former Captain of the Bridgewater College lacrosse team, Eddie likes to think of himself as the goaltender for the Village settlement team. He is the last line of defense before documents are submitted to the Court for recording or returned to the Lender.

Eddie graduated from college and joined   Village Settlements, Inc. in May of 2018. The pandemic altered his plans for law school, but he intends to start law school in the near future and has his eye on a spot with the Village Settlements attorney’s team.  Eddie graduated from Bridgewater College with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.  His hobbies include playing and coaching ice hockey and lacrosse and he also likes to spend his spare time on the golf course.  An avid Philadelphia Flyers hockey fan, he is still welcome in an office surrounded by Washington Capital’s fans.