Clean Desk Policy

  • Employees will close all files (including on the computer) when anyone except a Company employee is at their desk. This includes, but is not limited to when a Realtor, Lender, a Parker, Simon, Hahn, and DeLisi employee or any other non-Company person is at their desk. Any such non-Company person should be escorted to and from the secure area.
  • Employees will secure any files, items from files, checks, and other confidential information and lock their computer when leaving their desk or office.
  • Employees will maintain confidentiality when discussing a file in a public area of the office.
  • When leaving the office, employees will secure all Non-Public information into secured storage.
  • Files or any Non-Public information will not be left sitting out in any area of the office.
  • All papers to be shredded, containing Non-Public information, will be disposed of into locked storage immediately, or in no event later than the close of business as the employee is leaving for the day.
  • Sensitive information such as user ID’s, passwords, account numbers, etc. will be kept in secured locations.