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A Message to our Clients, Customers, Realtors, Lenders and Friends,

I am certain that you have all received many updates, notices and messages regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  At Village Settlements, Inc. we take the health and safety of our clients, customers, staff and visitors very seriously.  At this time, we are still open for business and we are able to operate somewhat normally.  We are following Federal, State and local guidelines, which we all know are changing by the hour.  We are taking the following steps:

  1. We are asking that only the parties who are signing documents, together with their Realtor, attend settlement. This is consistent with the guidelines to minimize contacts.
  2. We are asking all visitors to wear a mask when they enter our office.
  3. We are moving settlement participants immediately to their designated conference room.
  4. We are asking the parties to physically distance themselves from each other.
  5. We are asking all parties to take the pen that they used during settlement and we are putting fresh pens out for each settlement.
  6. After settlement, we are wiping down the room with sanitizer, to the extent reasonably possible.
  7. Unfortunately, we have removed our renowned snack and candy wall, as we still do not feel it is safe for visitors to be reaching into the various candy and snack bowls.
  8. We are frequently sanitizing door handles, elevator panels, handrails, etc.
  9. We are keeping the Plexiglas dividers installed in all of our reception areas and conference rooms.
  10. Our staff is working together to keep business running as normal as possible.
  11. We are trying our best to accommodate the various needs of our clients and customers and we will try to honor any requests or accommodations to the best of our ability.

We are all in this together. We are doing our best to help our clients, customers, Realtors and loan officer friends maintain some semblance of normalcy.  But these still  are not normal times.  Please understand that we, too, are just as concerned about the health and safety of everyone in our community and we will follow  the recommendations and guidelines of those who are much smarter than we are. Whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever you believe, we have always welcomed you at Village Settlements and we will not compromise on those beliefs.  As we work our  way through these trying times, we ask you to look out for your family and friends, your associates and your neighbors, those who need help, whether because of their age, financial status or health.  The only way that we can get through this is to help each other, especially those who may not be able to help themselves.

David Parker, Esq.
Village Settlements, Inc.

Law Offices of  Parker, Simon, Hahn and DeLisi, LLC